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An animated romp for the young & the young at heart!


“Oblivion Island is an absolute delight”

Richard Gray, thereelbits.com

“A gorgeous movie”


“A surprisingly lovable film... definitely recommended”

Niels Matthijs, TwitchFilms.com
Haruka and Teo in the clouds

The Story

From the studio that brought you Eden of the East, FLCL and Ghost in the Shell comes an exhilarating blend of Japanese folklore and storybook charm reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. This award-winning feature film is sure to amaze animation fans of all ages.

16-year-old Haruka is on a mission to find her mirror — a precious childhood gift from her late mother that has disappeared. On her search, she follows a strange foxlike creature to Oblivion Island, a mystical world overflowing with once-cherished items taken from their neglectful owners. Trouble follows Haruka and her new friend Teo at every turn as they contend with the island’s overbearing ruler, who will stop at nothing to use the mirror for his own sinister plan!

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The Characters


Christine Marie Cabanos

Haruka is quite independent for a 16-year-old. Losing her mother at a young age and having a workaholic father has given her a bit of an attitude, but her determination and compassion shine through newfound friendship with Teo.


Cassandra Lee

Teo lives on Oblivion Island, where he brings all the neglected items he finds in the human world. He has a strong affinity for shiny things and airplanes—and wishes more than anything to fly one himself.


Julie Maddalena

Cotton was one of Haruka’s cherished toys before he was taken to Oblivion Island. This little lamb may be small in stature, but he’s a big help to his friends when they’re in trouble.

Haruka’s Father

David Roach

Haruka’s father spends long hours at work, often trusting Haruka to take care of herself. Though absent and a bit untidy, he really does care for Haruka.

The Baron

Patrick Seitz

The Baron lords over Oblivion Island from his flamboyant airship and loves to throw his weight around. He’ll go to extreme lengths to get his hands on Haruka’s hand mirror by using its magic to spread his influence to the human world.

The Soldier Brothers

George C. Cole and Derek Stephan Prince

The Baron’s head henchmen, the Soldier Brothers follow every order with a blind obedience—just as goons should.

Vikki, Descargo, and Picanta

Tara Platt, Kyle Hebert, Mark V. McCollum

Vikki, Descargo, and Picanta are always teasing Teo for not working hard enough. They become a real pain in his neck once they realize he brought a human into their world.

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Events and Screenings

Date Location Event
December 3-4, 2011 New York, NY New York International Children's Film Festival
December 10-11, 2011 New York, NY New York International Children's Film Festival
Mar 3, 2012 Minneapolis, MN Walker Art Center
Apr 12-22, 2012 Dallas, TX Dallas International Film Festival
Apr 26 – May 3, 2012 Newport Beach, CA Newport Beach Film Festival
May 26, 2012 Houston, TX Comicpalooza
Aug 14, 2012 Everywhere Official Blu-ray/DVD Release
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